A Blunder


What a major BLUNDER.  I just found out tonight, two weeks after the fact, that my hike into the Middle Santiam Wilderness didn’t actually make it into the Middle Santiam Wilderness!  Frankly, I’m more upset at myself than embarrassed.  I should have spent more time studying my maps. If I did, I would have realized that the border of the wilderness was NOT where I forded the Middle Santiam River near the Shedd Camp Shelter but either further downstream off trail or a few miles (and another river ford) up the Chimney Peak Trail near Donaca Lake.

I had hoped that I could have checked this wilderness off of my list. It’s not because I didn’t enjoy the day hike. It was, in fact, one of my favorite in years. No, I hoped to have checked it off of my list because I only have so many weekends to hit fifty wildernesses by the end of the year!

The more I think about this idiotic mistake, the more I’m actually happy about it. It means that I now need to return again this year – and sooner than later.  I was worried that I wouldn’t be back until 2016, after I have finished this project. Maybe this time, a friend or two can join me.

MISA_topo01On this map, the red line marks my hike from February 21st. The green line is the border of the Middle Santiam Wilderness Area.  You can clearly see that these lines do not cross. D’oh!


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