2015 Trail Art Project: Floating Dominoes

For all of my long-term hiking projects, I enjoy including an art project as well. These art projects keep me looking for interesting scenes to photograph and share with others. For my recent 100 Hikes Project, I created numbers out of material found on each hike. For The Wilds Project, I’ll be photographing within each wilderness an ornate domino from the late 1800’s .  Because they appear to be magically floating over the scene, I call them “floating dominoes.” Trust me: there is no Photoshop trickery here. Each wooden piece has been attached to the ground in some way in front of the camera.  Here are the first few I’ve done so far within the Wilderness Areas of Oregon.


Oregon Badlands Wilderness


Three Sisters Wilderness


Mill Creek Wilderness


Menagerie Wilderness

Middle Santiam Wilderness

Opal Creek Wilderness

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